Which Hair Coloring 89117 Look Will You Choose For The Festive Season?

The festive season is fast approaching, making it the perfect time to freshen things up with a new
hairstyle or color. After all, we all deserve to feel special around this exciting time of the year.

With Fantastic Sam’s hair coloring 89117, your new look will be sure to provide that stunning
appearance throughout the festive period and towards the start of 2019. Here are just four fantastic
options to choose from.


Whether you’re dressing up as Mrs Santa or not, you will be surrounded by a lot of red this festive
period. A professional hair coloring treatment can bring out your fiery personality while also working
as your ideal accompaniment to the red outfits you’ll be wearing around this time. If nothing else, a
dash of color will brighten your mood on those cold winter mornings.

Red is a pretty wide term that covers everything from the passionately vibrant shades to the copper
and burgundy undertones that are the hot trend of fall-winter 2018. Regardless of your natural color,
the right choice of red is sure to be a winner.

Sweet Caramel

The sweet caramel color is a firm favorite throughout the year but is particularly popular during the
festive season. The way that those combinations of light browns and golden blondes catch the light can bring an added sparkle to any look. This is especially beneficial during this period where you’ll be
attending various social events at work and with friends.

This is a particularly great option for covering the gray hairs and is suited to a number of styles
for mid-to-long hair. With the lasting beauty and natural vibes, this is a change that you may decide to
stick with for the bulk of 2019 too.


Going black with your hair color can be a little risky in that it’s a little harder to change your mind if you
decide you don’t like it. Get it right, though, and you’ll gain a sultry and intense appearance that’s sure
to put a smile on your face throughout the winter period. This is why you should let a professional
hair coloring 89117 technician take care of it.

Black tones work for everyone from Katy Perry to Serena Williams. Whatever your skin tone or natural
hair color might be, there’s a tone of black that will work wonders. Let the specialist find the right
choice, and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.


Opting for a blue look may take a little bravery, but the rewards can be huge. Rather than opting for
one solid shade of mid blue, why not try a mix of darker roots with more vibrant tips. A little silver or
white can add something special to the overall appearance too. Once again, a more advanced
coloring session from a professional stylist will work wonders.

Another option is to go for streaks of different shades. Either way, a touch of blue is sure to make
your festive season feel fresh and exciting. The fact that it works with the color schemes of winter is
merely a bonus.


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