Choosing from the Many Haircuts for Children?

In the past, haircuts for children were a relatively straightforward affair. Boys got short cuts or military cuts, and girls had straight, long hair. But over the years, different fashion trends have come and gone, leaving their mark on the types of haircuts now available to children - and there are a dizzying array of styles from which to choose.

Part of the reason for this is simply the intensity of the search for new styles. The fashion industry (and celebrity brands) depend on being able to continually churn out new looks (even if they’re a rehashing of something that has come before). Over time, these styles work their way down into the market for children’s haircuts, making life a bit more complicated for parents.

Which style should they choose for their little boy or girl? What is trendy right now? And will things change in the future? Here are some suggestions for hairstyles we offer at Fantastic Sams on Sahara that can look great on your children!

The Bob
Bob haircuts for girls …

Which Hair Coloring 89117 Look Will You Choose For The Festive Season?

The festive season is fast approaching, making it the perfect time to freshen things up with a new
hairstyle or color. After all, we all deserve to feel special around this exciting time of the year.

With Fantastic Sam’s hair coloring 89117, your new look will be sure to provide that stunning
appearance throughout the festive period and towards the start of 2019. Here are just four fantastic
options to choose from.


Whether you’re dressing up as Mrs Santa or not, you will be surrounded by a lot of red this festive
period. A professional hair coloring treatment can bring out your fiery personality while also working
as your ideal accompaniment to the red outfits you’ll be wearing around this time. If nothing else, a
dash of color will brighten your mood on those cold winter mornings.

Red is a pretty wide term that covers everything from the passionately vibrant shades to the copper
and burgundy undertones that are the hot trend of fall-winter 2018. Regardless of your natural color,
the r…